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What is a moving lift?

A moving lift, also known as a ladder lift or furniture elevator, is a lift that is used to lift large, heavy or large numbers of things up or down. Instead of having to walk up and down the stairs endlessly with unmanageable cargo, a furniture elevator can also be used. This means that all items up to 400KG and up to the 12th floor (34 meters) can be brought down or up without difficulty with the moving lift and, if necessary, they can be brought up again just as easily with the moving lift at the new location.

Is it difficult to operate a moving lift?

We only rent moving lifts elevators with a cooperating operator / experienced mover so you do not have to operate the moving lift. No manuals accidents due to lack of experience but a real experienced craftsman at your side who is familiar with the moving lift and knows what can and cannot be done. Because he has a lot of experience he builds up quickly and is ready quickly because of this, he is ready in a fraction of the time you would have needed for it yourself.

Why operates from the north of Limburg so we are faster on location than Parties from the west or from the Randstad, so we are logically also cheaper because there is less time and kilometers needed to get to you. If you require the German border region or in Limburg or Brabant we are the right candidate. Furthermore if you need a furniture elevator for higher altitudes these lifts are very scarce, is the only one in the region with a 34 meter reach.

How much does it cost to rent a moving lift?

At, you can rent a moving lift at no additional cost. We already rent a moving lift for € 89, – per hour including VAT, including experienced and cooperating mover/operator. Our travel allowance amounts from Venlo to € 0.47 per KM. No unexpected costs, but a clear price agreement.

Can I rent a moving lift from you as a company?

Yes, you can. We are very flexible in our use and can assist you with your move or individual pieces of furniture as a company. Our moving lifts are always inclusive of operator / experienced remover. We have other possibilities and rates for companies, if you want to know more about this, please contact us.

How long does it take to assemble and dismantle the moving lift?

This varies and depends on the situation. Because our elevator is mounted on a car, it goes fast and safe, under difficult conditions today perhaps 10 minutes. If it is a standard situation, we will be ready in 5 minutes.

How long will it take?

Practice has taught us that in the majority of the lift loads (80%) we are ready within an hour. Is it a move of for example a 2-person household, and fits it in a truck (rigid transporter) of 20m3 we are if there is enough help and then everything is ready in 2 hours.

If you are in doubt, you can call us and we will take you through so that you will not be faced with an unpleasant surprise when it comes to it.

Do I have to load the moving lift myself?

It is intended that you are present with enough “volunteers” to load the moving plateau, our operator is a cooperating mover but cannot do everything by himself with a focus on the rental time. He operates the elevator and gives instructions, and advises on how best to do things in the most efficient manner. If, however, you do not have any help and are unable to lift goods yourself, we will come with extra manpower and take all the work off your hands.

What is the load capacity of the moving lifts?

The moving lift from lift-express has a load capacity of up to 400KG. This means that there are no items in a house that we cannot elevate.

How high can a moving lift go?

The moving lift that we rent out can lift up to 34 meters high, this is about 11 floors. Depending on the distance between the elevator and the facade. It may also be that we do not have to lift high but far, for example over a deep garden or ditch. If you have any doubts, call us or send us a picture of your situation. We will find it out and advise you on what you can do best.

How can i best rent a moving lift?

Our moving lift can be hired by the hour and can be requested via our website or by telephone at: +31 643 710 777. If it is a large move then we will gladly make you a price custom offer, as we want to give you a proper price if the move takes a long time.

Do you also come outside of office hours?

Moving house is usually done during the day, but it often happens that our help is suddenly necessary. For example, a sofa bought on Saturday afternoon and taken home in the trailer does not fit through the stairwell and is now blocking the hallway.

A phone call to us and within a few hours the couch is in the living room. For us a week has 7 days and as long as there is light, we can lift your stuff.

Can a piano be lifted up with a moving lift?

Yes, our ladder lift has a load capacity of 400Kg. It happens regularly that we have to move pianos. Pianos cause many owners to spend sleepless nights. We have a lot of experience with pianos, you take care of two or three helpers and we arrange for the piano to be lifted without any damage.

What's the difference between a moving lift and a furniture lift?

There are many names for this elevator; we call it a moving lift. Other names are furniture elevator and ladder lift, there is no real difference. What is important is whether it concerns a lift mounted on a car like ours or a so-called trailing lift.

The trailing suction lift is a kind of trailer with the lift installation on it, the objection of this is that the lift can never have the stability compared to a fixed moving lift and that the set-up and breakdown times are significantly longer. This in turn leads to the rent being unnecessarily higher.

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